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Ocean Atlantic's goal is to enrich the quality of life in the cities where we develop our communities, while fulfilling the financial goals and interests of original landowners, builders, homeowners, investors, development professionals and municipalities.

Original Land Owners
Ocean Atlantic offers original landowners above market prices for their land. Landowners also receive an array of options to sell their property including the sale of an ownership entity and 1031/Stalker Provision tax-free exchanges.

Ocean Atlantic's well-planned, quality developments provide a mix of affordable luxury housing options, support local infrastructure improvements, attract highly desired retailers and increase the tax base. We serve our communities by building good schools, roads and first-class amenities that attract quality homebuilders and major retailers to new areas.

We work closely with civic leaders at every stage of development – from land acquisition to construction – to ensure that our developments mirror the character and quality of the municipalities they call home. For example, Ocean Atlantic requires builder partners to adhere to a master architecture and design template to ensure that the developments conform to development standards. Homeowners are governed by a professionally managed homeowners association with carefully crafted covenants, conditions and restrictions to maintain the high quality of the community.

Builder Partners
Ocean Atlantic enables homebuilders who purchase lots within our developments to construct luxury homes at varying price points with minimal risk, overhead costs or barriers to entry. Through our experience as a former homebuilder, Ocean Atlantic has a unique understanding of the everyday challenges that homebuilders face and is able to respond effectively to their needs.

Ocean Atlantic's builder partners receive a complete due diligence package and can rely on ready-to-go pods and fixed prices for infrastructure development, eliminating the potential for cost overruns. Builders don’t take on the risk of owning land and don’t have to conduct the required pre-construction studies or develop their own marketing or advertising campaigns.

Additionally, residential pods within Ocean Atlantic developments are designed for a particular product type and price point before being sold to builders so that the company’s builder partners are positioned to attain their potential market share and profit margin.

Ocean Atlantic offers homeowners pleasant, high-quality communities where they can relax and enjoy life. Our developments are expertly designed and managed, featuring affordable luxury homes and a full range of modern amenities, state-of-the-art recreational facilities and shopping centers. Ocean Atlantic's properties provide homeowners with the potential for above average returns on their investment.

Over the years, our cautious, proven approach has enabled Ocean Atlantic to produce superior returns not only compared to other land development firms, but also by the standards of any industry. In addition to preferred returns during the development process, accelerated home absorption rates generate extraordinary returns for investors. We align our interests with those of our investors by making a significant equity contribution in each of our deals. For more information, visit our investors page.